18 March 2016


Josh and Billy's song. Are you brave enough to try to sing it along?

Down down baby, down down the roller coaster. 
Sweet sweet baby, sweet sweet don't let me go. 
shimmy shimmy coco pop, 
shimmy shimmy rock, 
shimmy shimmy coco pop, 
shimmy shimmy rock I met a girlfriend- a triscuit, she said a triscuit-
a biscuit, ice cream soda pop vanilla on the top oooo Shalida, 
walking down the street, ten times a week I meant it. 
I said it. I stole my mama's credit.
I'm cool. I'm hot. 
Sock you in the stomach three more times.

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 Answer the following questions:

1. Billy says “Got it, need it...” at the beginning of the movie. What is he doing? This was very common among kids in the 80's. What about you, have you ever...?

2. How old is Josh? How old is he after making his wish?

3. Why does Josh want to be older?

4. What is Billy's reaction when he sees his adult friend for the first time? How does he velieve him?

5. When he gets older, what problems does he need to overcome? Write a list.

6. How did Josh feel the first night in the hotel? Why?

7. Do you remember any of the jobs they mention? What does he finally choose? Why?

8. What does he need to do to get a job?

9. What numbers does Josh give as his “Social Security Number”?

10. How much money does he get in the first payday?

11. In what scenes and in what way is music important in the movie?

12. Make a list of adult and child behaviour and character.



13. How does Susan change after she starts hanging out with Josh?

14. When Josh starts working and gets involved in an adult life, what happens to his relation towards family and friends?

15. Does Josh follow the usual steps to find a job? Do you think it's so easy to find a job...

16. Why does Josh want to be back to 13? And why doesn't Susan want to be back to 13?

17. If you could choose a movie to watch in class, which one would you choose? Why?

18. Write your personal opinion about the movie.