St. Bonaventura school


I started working in St. Bonaventura school in Artà in the course year 2010-2011 and that year we organised an exchanging programme with another school in Germany. It was a great experience!

Enjoy these videos!

Thanks to my 4th ESO Students school year 2010-2011!

Thanks to my students of 1st and 3rd of ESO school year 2012-2013 involved in the E-twinning project:
A virtual trip around Europe

Thanks to my 4th ESO students school year 2012-2013!

School Year 2013-2014
Thanks to my 1st and 2nd ESO students who where so brave to travel to Avila and take part in an English Campus where we all together had a great experiences that all of us would like to repeat! And congratulations for your great performance!

Thanks to my 2nd ESO girls Allyne, Josseline, Laura D. and Laura V. for these nice video and drawings!

Finally I would like to thank my 4th ESO students for the nice words in their cellebration.
Yours always,