About this blog

As I started teaching in St. Bonaventura school, my personal view of teaching started changing, too. The need of  including new ways of teaching, introducing more and more it applications and letting students be more creative has become more obvious to me.

Therefore, I presented a blog to my students and they are becoming more and more involved in the tasks and questions I propose. But when I thought if it was enough I signed in the course ITC for XXI Century students in CEP Manacor.

This course has been so much motivating that I have already added an avatar presentation (voki) to my schoolblog, my homepage is my symbaloo webmix, I have created two webquests and I have in mind lots of new activities to use with all the new internet applications we have learnt.

The end of course task was to create our e-portfolio. I enjoyed so much this course that I decided to keep this project as my own personal presentation. This is about me, but also a place where to share the new activities I propose to my students and they create!